What’s My Age Again?

I haven’t worn Vans in ages, but when I was a teenager I bought pairs after pairs of Vans Checkerboard Slip-Ons. I wore them daily for years, until one day I started wearing Converse and never really went back to Vans. I recently picked up a pair of Vans Authentic in black and I have fallen in love with the brand all over again. The Vans Authentic are truly classic and versatile, they’re the perfect summer shoes. Every time I put them on, Blink 182 starts playing in my head. In a good way.

The best thing about the Authentics is that they look great in all possible outfit situations. They look great with skinny jeans and shorts, but they also look really great with skirts and dresses. I’ve been wearing my Vans a lot more than my trusty Converse recently. I find that Converse can sometimes look a little strange worn with dresses and tights, mostly because they mold to the shape of your feet and make your calves look massive. Not the Vans! The shape is really flattering when worn with socks or without, probably because they are cut really low on the ankles. I like to lace them so the knot is not visible, but that’s definitely a personal preference.

They add a playful edge to girly outfits, and I’m really looking forward to wearing them with my cute denim dress or with my pink metallic skirt this summer. They also come in all kinds of really beautiful colors, but I knew I wanted a pair of black and white shoes, I just find them a lot easier to style.

If you’re looking for comfort and style, I really would recommend these. They’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve owned in quite a while, and there’s quite a lot of cushioning. They require absolutely no breaking in at all. I started wearing them the day I bought them and walked about 3 miles without  any problem. I bought them in a size 9 and they run true to size.

Have you ever worn Vans? How would you style them?