Wet n Wild – Walking on Eggshells Palette

 Wet n Wild – Walking on Eggshells

I’ve recently developed an obsession with eyeshadow palettes. It started last summer when I came across the Sleek Storm palette, and it’s been growing and growing. I’ve always dismissed eyeshadow as too messy or complicated for my taste, but since I’ve started experimenting with it, I can really see why so many girls can’t live without it. I’ve had my sight set on Stila In The Light palette for a little while now but life being what it is, I really can’t justify an expensive purchase like that at the moment. Instead, I picked up the Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells palette in Walmart when I flew home over Christmas. Wet n Wild a lot more affordable than Stila, and it satisfied my eyeshadow craving for a little while. The best thing about it is that it costs less than a fancy Starbucks coffee!



I find myself using this palette constantly, mainly because it’s very easy to use. The ‘eyelid’ shade is a very pretty, soft and shimmery pink. The ‘crease’ shade is a deep bronze colour and it’s not as frosty as the ‘eyelid’ shade, so they balance each other out nicely. I’m not too keen on the chalky ‘browbone’ shade, but I can see it working quite well if used sparingly in the inner corner of the eye. The colours are fairly easy to blend, especially considering the price. I’ve noticed some fading after long days out, but I think that’s something that could easily be solved by a creamy base or primer (if I wasn’t so lazy).


Out of the three, the ‘eyelid’ shade is definitely my favourite and is actually pretty similar to Stila’s Kitten eyeshadow…in fact, after googling swatches, I would go as far as to say that Wet n Wild came up with a pretty decent (if slightly more frosty) dupe for Kitten. I certainly hope that I’ll be able to swatch this for myself in the near future! I’ll probably end up ditching the ‘crease’ eyeshadow as my collection grows, but I really do love the subtle pink shimmer of the ‘eyelid’ shade.