#WeLoveRain : Helly Hansen Lyness Raincoat and Veierland 2 Rain Boots Review

Helly Hansen Lyness Raincoat blog review

Rain is the perfect excuse to cancel all your plans and stay in with a good book and a cup of strong coffee, but for those rainy summer days when you simply have to leave the house, Helly Hansen has you covered with its gorgeous rainwear collection. 

The Helly Hansen Lyness Coat in Stripe Evening Blue* is easy to style and beautifully made. It’s inspired by the classic Fisherman’s raincoat, but it doesn’t look out of place in the city. As soon as it arrived, I adopted it as my day to day coat, rain or shine. The fit of the coat is modern and flattering, and the pattern gives it a cool sailor vibe that makes me feel like I’m about to embark on a fishing trip with the Deadliest Catch crew. #goals. Captain Sig, I’m coming for your wheelhouse!

Helly Hansen Lyness Raincoat review

Helly Hansen is a brand known for its attention to detail, and every single element of the Lyness rain coat is both useful and stylish. Each button is subtly branded, and the hood’s red adjustable strings and logo are a welcome pop of colour against the white and navy pattern. The material offers Helly Tech Protection, meaning it’s waterproof, rainproof, lightweight and breathable, so it will be absolutely perfect for the summer months. I really, really love how deep the hood is. It hangs far enough over my face to keep all of my hair dry and my makeup mostly intact. The pockets are also a good size to keep all of my essentials, and they’re protected by a flap to ensure that my precious phone is kept dry even in a rainstorm. 

The Veierland 2 Rain Boots in Black* are also a must-have item. I can’t believe I managed to live for years without a good pair of rain boots in my closet. It’s life-changing! They’re completely waterproof, so I can finally jump around in puddles to my heart’s content. They fit true to size, with room to spare for warm socks, and they also fit my calves really well. It’s hard to find rain boots that are comfortable to walk in, but I haven’t had any problem walking in the Veierland 2 boots. The buckle detail on the side take them from boring rain boots to fashion statement, and I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of them this summer, whether I’m walking home in the rain or dancing in the mud at music festivals. 

I find myself wishing for rainy days, just so I can wear my beautiful Helly Hansen coat and boots and marvel at the magic that is waterproof clothing!

Helly Hansen Lyness Raincoat review

Helly Hansen Lyness Raincoat review

Helly Hansen Lyness Raincoat review

Helly Hansen Lyness Raincoat review

Helly Hansen Veirerland 2 rain boots review


I love Helly Hansen’s rainwear collection with all my heart, and I’m so pleased with my Lyness rain coat and Veierland 2 rain boots. The attention to detail is incredible, and with so many different styles to choose from, you will definitely find something that appeals to you.

What are your rainy day essentials?