Three Mineral-Infused Face Masks From Vichy That Are Perfect for Multi-Masking | Review

vichy face masks review canada

The idea of mixing and matching different face masks that should be
left on for various periods of time and going through the trouble of picking
the right face mask for different skin concerns never appealed to me, even at
the height of the multi-masking craze. But when Vichy sent me three mineral-infused
face masks in beautiful glass jars
AND a handy multi-masking chart to follow
according to my skin type, I decided it was time to give multi-masking a go. 

The brilliant thing about the Vichy face masks is that they were
created to work together, in just five minutes. It makes multi-masking truly foolproof
as you can simply follow the chart and remove all the different masks at once
when the five minutes are up. It also makes it really easy to fit several mini
home spa sessions a week into a busy schedule, and my skin has never been

Oh, and all of them contain some of my beloved Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water

Vichy pore purigying clay mask review

vichy double glow peel mask review

MASK – $34*

The Vichy Pore Purifying Clay Mask is made with Kaolin and Bentonite
clay to unclog pores and eliminate excess sebum, as well as Aloe Vera to sooth
the skin. The scent is a pleasant mix of mineral and minty. It’s best suited
for combination to oily skin types
, but it’s gentle enough for dry and
sensitive skin too.

My skin goes from combination to dry when seasons change, but used
with the other two masks it doesn’t irritate or dry out my skin too much. I use
on my nose, where my skin tends to be a little bit oilier and where my pores
are most congested
. The clay really draws out all the gunk from deep within the
pores, without making the skin feel tight. I wouldn’t use a clay mask on areas
where my skin is especially dry (cheeks and chin), so it’s ideal for
multi-masking. My favourite way to use it is by pairing it up with the Double
Glow Peel Mask.

The Pore Purifying Clay Mask comes in a frosted glass jar, so it
looks beautiful and expensive on my dressing table. It would make a nice (if somewhat pricey) stocking filler for
the holiday season.

vichy face masks review multi-masking

vichy quenching mineral mask review

– $34*

Even though Quenching Mineral Mask is the most hydrating option of
the bunch
and was created especially for dry and sensitive skin like mine, I
didn’t see the results I was expecting to see with this mask. It’s a nice enough
to have around if it’s gifted to you, but I personally use it strictly for
multi-masking, when I want to cover the areas where I have no particular
concern, like the sides of my chin or close to my hairline.

It leaves my skin super smooth and soft, and the cooling gel texture
is lovely when it’s first applied, but the
mask dries down tacky
, no matter how thick a layer I apply. The instructions
say to massage the excess product into the skin after the recommended 5
minutes, but I absolutely have to wash it off or it itches like crazy.

It’s also worth nothing that the green tea and jasmine fragrance is
quite strong
, in the worst way possible. It reminds me of the St. Ives cucumber
peel masks I used to buy as a teenager…and honestly no one wants to be reminder
of that. Yikes.

vichy how to multi-mask face chart


If you have to get only one mask, get the Vichy Double Glow Peel Mask. You won’t regret it.

Not only does the peach-coloured gel look beautiful in its glass jar,
but it also smells lightly of peach, white musk and black tea. It’s fruity, but
not too sweet. If they could bottle up this scent in a spray, I would
absolutely buy it.

And don’t let the name fool you – this is not a peel off mask (oh hi again, St. Ives mask from my
). It’s an exfoliating and brightening mask, that works both as
a chemical exfoliant (AHA) and as an actual scrub (volcanic rock particules). The
vitamin C helps brighten the skintone.

I really like to use this one alone all over my face, but Vichy also
recommends using it with the Pore Purifying Clay Mask to quickly fix dull and
tired skin
or with both the clay mask and the Quenching mask to refresh
the skin
. And it actually works! Multi-masking really isn’t so bad after all…

Here’s how to get the best results when using the Double Glow Peel
Mask : after letting the mask sit for five minutes, massage the product in
to help lift off dead skin cells
and rinse off with water or by soaking a
cotton pad (or five…) with the Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water.

AHA, or fruit acids, can be quite harsh on sensitive skin, but I
haven’t noticed any irritation. The
Double Glow mask immediately leaves my skin looking fresh and radiant, and I use it at
least once a week to gently exfoliate.

vichy multi-masking

You can buy the Vichy face masks online and at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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Have you tried
multi-masking or are you still resisting the trend that took the beauty world
by storm?

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