3 Great Summer Shades From Trust Fund Beauty

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Summer weather is upon us and it can only mean one thing – it’s officially time to break out the pastels! The three Trust Fund Beauty nail polish shades I’m writing about today are beautiful, and they also come in gorgeous watercolour boxes. The boxes are so pretty that I can’t bear to throw them away, which means I will most certainly find these boxes in my attic in twenty years, long after the polishes themselves have dried up and been thrown away. That’s how I roll.

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Introducing Trust Fund Beauty

Trust Fund Beauty is one of those indie cosmetics brand you just have to love. Their polishes are vegan, cruelty-free and made with great ingredients to minimise the amount of toxic stuff you are exposed to. They’re also super fun. With names like Started With Good Intentions*, Squad Goals* and Sweet & Sarcastic*, the Trust Fund Beauty polishes will make you feel like a super sassy badass queen.

trust fund beauty nail polish swatches

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in Started With Good Intentions

Started With Good Intentions is a shiny nude. It’s quite thin, so it’s a lot of work to apply. It also matches my skin tone perfectly and has the unfortunate quality of making me look like I have no nails. I gave up after three coats, but I think one more would have made it completely opaque.

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in Squad Goals

Squad Goals is a very summery pastel pink that is opaque in three coats. It’s a little Barbie-esque for my personal taste, but I love the name and I also got a ton of compliments on it, which completely redeem this particular shade of pastel pink in my eyes.

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in Sweet & Sarcastic

Sweet & Sarcastic is my favourite of the bunch and it’s a festival season staple for me. It’s a lovely shade of pastel yellow, with tiny little pink glitter running through it. The glitter doesn’t show up in the pictures, but I swear it’s there! Again, opaque in three coats, but completely worth the hard work because I like the end result so much.

About the Formula

Like most indie polishes I’ve tried, the Trust Fund Beauty polishes are a little hard to work with, mostly because they’re thin and they take ages and ages to dry. However, unlike indie polishes of the Etsy variety, they dry completely smooth and they don’t absolutely require a top coat to be wearable.

trust fund beauty nail polish swatches started with good intentions
Started With Good Intentions
trustfund beauty squad goals nail polish swatches
Squad Goals
trustfund beauty sweet and sarcastic nail polish swatches
Sweet & Sarcastic



Trust Fund Beauty is a great indie brand. The polishes are a little hard to work with, but the shade selection is great and the names as sassy AF. I especially love the perfect pastel yellow shade of Sweet & Sarcastic.

Have you tried Trust Fund Beauty polishes? What is your perfect Summer nail polish shade?