TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System Review

tresemme beauty-full volume reverse hair system review

Reverse hair washing has been on my
beauty radar for a while and I’ve even tried it a few times with regular
shampoo and conditioner, but I wasn’t impressed enough to commit to a new
routine. Mostly, I kept forgetting that I was supposed to condition first.
Old habits die hard and all that.
 To make the process easier, TRESemmé
has formulated a line of products especially for reverse hair washing. The Beauty-Full
Volume Reverse System collection
includes the Pre-Wash Conditioner*,
the Volume Shampoo* and the Volume & Softness Hair Maximizer*.
Used together, they create volume, bounce and make your hair really soft. 

tresemme beauty-full volume reverse hair system review

What is reverse hair washing?
Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. You use the conditioner first, rinse it
out, and then shampoo as usual. Do you need a special kind of shampoo or
conditioner to reverse hair wash? No. That’s why I was a little bit annoyed
with this TRESemmé range at first. I have to admit, I rolled my eyes when this
package arrived. I’ve disliked every single TRESemmé product I’ve tried in the
past, and I honestly thought they had numbered the Beauty-Full Volume
Reverse System bottles to market the same old stuff they’ve been selling for
ages in a new way. Spoiler alert: I was wrong, kind of. I couldn’t tell you if it’s the
quality of the products that is different or if it’s truly the fact that you’re
reversing your usual routine, but it just works…kind of. 

tresemme beauty-full volume reverse hair system review

As you’ve probably picked up from the
fact that just last week I was writing about the Drybar Happy Hour range, I’m obsessed with
voluminous hair. My hair is long and it takes so much work to get it to look
decent these days that I’m willing to try just about anything to make my life a
little bit easier. There’s nothing especially remarkable about the pre-wash
conditioner or the shampoo, apart from the fact that it shakes up your usual
routine. The bottles are pretty much your typical TRESemmé packaging, with
giant numbers added so you don’t forget that you’re supposed to use the
conditioner first. The scent is vaguely reminiscent of a hair
salon. But when used with the Volume & Softness Hair Maximizer, the
result is big bouncy hair. 

tresemme beauty-full volume reverse hair system review

Amazing volume aside, it’s not a great shampoo and conditioner duo. I noticed that my hair gets greasier a lot faster when I use the TRESemmé collection than it normally would. While I can usually go about three days before my
hair gets greasy at all, I can barely make it to two when I use the Beauty-Full
Volume Reverse System. It’s really great when you’re hair is freshly washed, but I wouldn’t recommend these products at all if you’re trying to go any longer than two days between washes. 

There’s also one extremely curious thing about this new release from TRESemmé. It is a truth universally acknowledged that one uses more conditioner than shampoo. Way more.  I probably go through two bottles of conditioner for every bottle of shampoo I use. TRESemmé is known for its gigantic bottles, but in this case the pre-wash comes in a 488ml bottle and the shampoo comes in a 739ml bottle. Yes, there is less conditioner than there is shampoo. If they thought that I would magically need less conditioner than usual because I’m using it before I shampoo…they were wrong. 


Is it the
products themselves? Is it the reverse washing? I have no idea, but the results
speak for themselves, even if they are somewhat short-lived. If you wash your hair everyday and want big volume, I recommend giving this new TRESemmé range a try. Oh, and why so
stingy on the conditioner TRESemmé?

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