Travel Essentials with Farleyco

I love packing. Love it. I’m not
necessarily very good at it, but I enjoy picking out outfits and
decanting products. I love folding clothes and trying to figure out how I can
get everything to fit in one tiny medium-sized suitcase. I also
love minis, so I was pretty excited to get a package full of mini travel
essentials in the post last week, courtesy of Farleyco. I may not be going
anywhere this summer, but these adorable minis make every day feel like
a staycation.

I often get excited about ridiculous, unexpected things so of course the first thing that captured my attention was the Baylis & Harding mending kit*. Nevermind that I barely know how to sew a button. It’s practical and tiny and it now lives in my handbag. Just in case. The X3 Clean hand sanitizer* is another practical item that I carry with me everywhere. It’s alcohol and fragrance free and comes in the cutest spritzy bottle, so it’s completely mess free as well! Talking about killing germs, the Steripod Toothbrush Sanitizer* is another travel item to get excited about. I replace my toothbrush more often than I should because the thought of what lives between the bristles gives me nightmares…I’m a little bit of a germaphobe, in case you haven’t noticed. The Steripod is an anti-bacterial travel case for your toothbrush that releases a germ killing vapor – you simply clip it on the head of your toothbrush and throw it in your suitcase. Done.

Going away is not all about sewing buttons and germs though. I also got a few beauty items that are perfect for travelling. The Baylis & Harding Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit shower gel* is great for a relaxing shower after a long day of sightseeing – or you know, studying in a nasty library. When you don’t have time to shave, wax or epilate, the Velvet Touch Natural Hair Remover Mitten* is a life-saver and can be packed in your carry-on suitcase. In fact, now that I’ve ditched the razor for good and switched to epilating, I need this in my life. It’s not very efficient on hair if you actually need a shave, but I use to exfoliate before epilating and sometimes for hair removal if I’ve missed a spot. It buffs away all the dead skin and leaves my skin feeling soft and lovely.  Dry shampoo has been a staple in my beauty routine for years and it’s a must-have if you’re travelling. I’m a fan of any product that allows me to skip the neverending hair washing ritual and sleep in a little longer…What I’m not into is the white residue that dry shampoo leaves behind no matter how thoroughly you brush your hair. The COLAB Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo in Rio* is almost completely invisible (no brush needed) and smells gorgeous. Seriously, I want to smell like this all day, everyday. No one is going to know you skipped your morning shower, promise. 

What do you pack when you travel? Do you have any favourite minis?