Toughening Up A Bright & Girly Skirt feat. a Joe Fresh Mini

I’m wearing…
Skirt: Joe Fresh
Top: H&M (similar here)
Boots: Asos (similar here)
Sunglasses: eBay
Ring: Pandora
Bag: Primark (similar here)

When I started planning this post, I envisioned myself wearing Doc Martens and a leather jacket. It would have been a great outfit – for October. So I went back to the drawing board (the wardrobe?) and picked out a grey jersey crop top and white Converse. Very summery, and I had that trendy sporty chic thing going, but not something I would feel comfortable wearing IRL. And let’s be honest, has Summer actually started? I’m still wearing tights, I’m still taking a sweater with me everywhere I go, it’s still very much a transitional weather. Also, tights are flattering, so I’m not really willing to let go of them just yet. 

Against all odds, I fell in love with this Joe Fresh skirt and decided I absolutely needed a fun statement piece in my summer wardrobe. By my usual shopping standards, this mini doesn’t have much going for it. It somehow manages to have a definite sixties vibe, while also reminding me of a soul-deadening summer office job. I’ve never had an office job, but something tells me that showing up in a neon yellow skirt probably is frowned upon, so I have no idea where this image comes from. But it’s there. It’s also a bright yellow skirt, and I usually justify all my shopping by saying “it goes with everything”. Not in this case, it doesn’t, no matter how you swing it. But it does have pockets and pockets are the best. 

I bet this skirt would look beautiful paired with a floaty white blouse or some other grown-up item of clothing I don’t own yet, but I knew the second I saw it that the only way I’d ever wear this is if I found a way to toughen it up a little. It’s not meant to be worn so high, but I think high-waisted skirts look better on me so I’m being a rebel and wearing it higher than I should. You can definitely tell as the shape is not quite right, but I’m not too bothered about it. I think the H&M navy polka dot top works nicely with the flowery lace, and the mesh sleeves add a little edge. It’s also perfect for this not-quite-warm weather. The Doc Martens may have been a step to far for the season, but I paired the skirt with (unintentionally ripped) black tights – to hide my pasty white legs – and new chelsea boots from a recent Asos haul. The gold studded heel is a nice detail but it doesn’t overwhelm the outfit, so I’m pretty pleased with this purchase. 

The two-tone tasseled Primark bag was bought in 2012 and has recently made a reappearance in my wardrobe. It’s nice not to carry a gigantic bag around with me at all times, but not being able to have fifteen lipsticks, three books and my computer on hand is making me a little nervous. It’s worth it for the tassels though!

How would you wear a skirt like that? I would love to get ideas for next time! 


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