THEFACESHOP Calming Seed Skincare | Review

THEFACESHOP Calming Seed skincare blog review

Between the sun, air conditioning, stress and a not-so-healthy diet, my skin hasn’t been very healthy-looking this summer. I’ve had everything from a sunburnt nose to sore, dry patches of skin that just won’t go away and, more recently, horrendous breakouts and redness that I can’t quite explain around my nose and on my chin. I was in urgent need of a new skincare routine. Thankfully, the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network has partnered up with Korean brand THEFACESHOP, which is now available in Canada, and I was lucky enough to receive a few products from the Calming Seed range to review.

The Calming Seed Mild Bubble Foam Cleanser* is a gentle cleanser. It’s quite thick in consistency but it lathers easily and it leaves my skin feeling clean and nourished. It’s really good, but I’m not exactly in love with it. I’m a big fan of the one-step cleansing routine, and while this is a great morning cleanser, it doesn’t do a good job of removing makeup at all. Raccoon eyes are so 2004, it’s not a good look. From now on, this will strictly be a morning cleanser for me, but if you’re the kind of person who likes having an elaborate skincare routine, you’ll enjoy using this twice a day. There is a very subtle, calming herbal scent to it that I love.

The Calming Seed 1-Second Calming Mist Toner* reminds me of my beloved Lush Tea Tree Toner. The mist is fine and refreshing, and I’m much more likely to use it and stick with it because it’s fuss-free. Life is too short for cotton pads, people!

The Calming Seed Soothing Cream* is the real star of this skincare line and I’ve been using it every morning and evening. It’s light enough to be worn under foundation, but rich enough that I feel good using it at night. It does feel a little slippery when I apply my makeup, but my skin has been so dry lately that I actually welcome the fact that it can be slightly greasy. Nothing a bit of powder can’t fix. My skin feels instantly plump and supple, so it’s most definitely worth it. I think this is the product that made the most difference to my skin’s texture over a two weeks period. It has the same subtle herbal scent as the cleanser, but it’s barely noticeable at all.

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After just a few days of using the Calming Seed products, I noticed that my skin was softer and, more importantly, that a lot of the redness had gone. Two weeks in, there’s still a bit of redness on my chin, but I look so much healthier. As it’s geared toward sensitive skin, I felt confident that it wouldn’t break me out, but I’m impressed to see results, especially so quickly. Asia is renowned for its skincare, and I’m so pleased I was introduced to my first Asian skincare brand with THEFACESHOP. I can see myself repurchasing these products, because they really do work well for sensitive skin.


I’m so impressed with the Calming Seed line from THEFACESHOP. I saw results immediately, so it’s definitely worth the investment. I especially liked the Soothing Cream because it left my skin feeling incredibly hydrated. The Calming Mist Toner‘s big selling point is that it comes in a convenient spritzy bottle. The Mild Bubble Foam Cleanser is moisturizing and lovely too, but make sure you use a makeup remover beforehand. Bonus point – all these products contain over 95% natural ingredients, like Tamanu seed oil (hydrating) and glycyrrhizin (soothing).