The Wishbone Earrings

I have to admit that I’m not a massive fan of jewellery, which is strange considering that I work in a jewellery store and adore my job. I like to wear a nice highstreet statement necklace once in a while to perk up an outfit, but I don’t wear rings, bracelets or earrings on a regular basis. Except at work, of course. Earrings especially are just not my thing…I used to wear stretchers, and it took years and years for my ears to get back to normal after my punk rock earrings disaster. When I do wear earrings now, I always feel very aware that something is weighting down my lobe. I was in River Island over the summer, and these wishbone earrings caught my eyes. The rose gold, the shape, the price (!!!)…I forgot that I don’t usually wear earrings, and I had to have them. They are perfect – light, gorgeous and rose gold…in short, everything a girl can ask for!