A Great Toner For Sensitive Skin — Lush Tea Tree Water Toner Review

Lush Tea Tree Water Toner Review

I bought the Tea Tree Water toner from Lush back in October, when I briefly became obsessed with the size of my pores. Tea tree is meant to be good for minimizing pores so I picked this one over the Rose Water toner, which would have been the obvious choice for my sensitive skin. I used it a few times and loved how refreshing it was, but it soon got pushed to the back of the skincare drawer and I completely forgot about it. It resurfaced in mid-December, and it’s been living on my bathroom shelf ever since. I didn’t care much for it at first, but now I can say that I’m really impressed by how effective this toner is.

Winter doesn’t agree with my skin at all, and in the past few months it’s been alternating between dry, red, sore and oily. I’ve also experienced more breakouts during that time than ever before. It’s completely my own fault for neglecting to change my skincare routine at the first signs of chilly winds and snowflakes, which of course makes it all the more annoying.

What the Lush Tea Tree Water Toner Can Do For You

Lush says that the tea tree helps to prevent blemishes, while grapefuit and juniper water keep oily skins under control. The Lush Tea Tree Water toner is by no means magic, but I’ve noticed that my skin hasn’t been breaking out as much since I’ve started using it daily, and blemishes also seem to fade a lot quicker than they used to. I’ve been watching my skin very closely to see if it had the desired effect on my pores, but I haven’t seen any improvements on that front.

The Lush Tea Tree Water Toner Is Great for Sensitive Skin

I was concerned by how my dry and somewhat sensitive skin would react to the Lush Tea Tree Water toner when I started using it daily, but it’s an alcohol-free toner so it’s actually very gentle on the skin. I haven’t had any problems so far.

The Lush Tea Tree Water Toner Saves On Cotton Pads

It comes in 100ml and 250ml spray bottles. The spray means that you can save on cotton pads if you want to, and I just love spritzing it all over my face. It comes out in a lovely, refreshing mist. The scent is also lovely and fresh – the good old tea tree scent we all know and love (well, I do!), but with a lovely citrusy twist.

I’ve never really used a toner on a regular basis before, but I’m very pleased with the results!