NIVEA Winter Essentials | NIVEA Creme & NIVEA Q10plus Range Review

Nivea Creme review and uses

It may be unseasonably warm in Toronto, but…

Winter is coming.

Now just imagine I said that in Ned Stark’s accent.

(I got distracted and spent the next twenty minutes listening of montages of Game of Thrones characters saying “winter is coming”. Not the productive evening I was hoping for.)

As the temperature drops, I always start hoarding body creams and new skincare products. Winter sucks the moisture out of my skin like nothing else and there’s nothing more uncomfortable than dry, flaky skin. Unfortunately, it’s an inevitable side effect of cold windy days, snow and central heating.

NIVEA recently sent me a care package with everything I need to keep my skin hydrated and protected during the cold winter months ahead. I’ve been testing out the NIVEA Creme* and the Q10plus range* to find out if they’re winter must-haves.

Nivea Creme review Canada


You probably remember the classic blue tin and the clean scent of the NIVEA Creme from your childhood. The multi-purpose NIVEA Creme has stood the test of time and has been a Canadian beauty staple for over a hundred years. NIVEA claims that this thick and heavy cream can be used on all skin types, and on the face, hands, and body.

I personally couldn’t imagine using something so rich on my face, but I did it. Why? Because the cream produced in Germany (which is what I got, but there’s also a slightly different formula made in the USA. FYI – the german formula can be found at SDM) is supposed to be a dupe for an expensive Crème de la Mer moisturizer that is way out of my budget. At just over ten dollars for 400ml, the NIVEA Creme is in my price range, so I decided it was worth a shot. 

The NIVEA Creme is thick and rich, that is to say, exactly the kind of product I usually avoid using on my extremely sensitive skin. I was expecting to wake up with greasy skin, possibly covered in spots, but I didn’t. I woke up looking more fresh-faced and even-toned than I had been in a while, and the stubborn dry spot that had been on my chin for months was completely gone.

While I still think that NIVEA Creme is way too rich and heavy for daily use, it’s perfect for extremely dry spots and works great as an emergency night treatment. I’ll try using it once a week over the winter in hopes that it will keep the dry spots at bay and help my makeup sit on my dry skin a little better.  

The NIVEA Creme doesn’t have the most pleasant texture (it’s thick, heavy and stiff), it doesn’t absorb easily and leaves the skin feeling quite greasy, but it creates a soothing barrier between the skin and the elements and provides instant relief to raw skin. When my hands start to crack and bleed from over-washing (hi, flu season OCD!), this will be absolutely perfect. I’ve also been using it as a lip treatment, and I hear it’s great for removing makeup, if that’s your thing.

Evolution of the Nivea Creme tin
The evolution of the NIVEA Creme tin, via NIVEA

It made my winter essential list. Overall, it’s a great multi-purpose product for areas that need intensive treatment. There’s a reason it’s been around for over a century! Aren’t the vintage tins beautiful? I’m hoping for a limited-edition release in a vintage-inspired tin…it would be perfect. 

Nivea Q10 Plus Replenishing Pearls Serum review


As I get older, I find myself using increasingly expensive skincare, but I’m not yet drawn to anti-aging products. In fact, I despise the very word ‘anti-aging’ and I firmly believe that there’s no such thing as ‘anti-aging’. There are ways to prevent and slow down the visible signs of aging, but there’s no way to stop aging.

Anyway, my skin is still quite plump, and I never see any real results from anti-wrinkle and anti-aging skincare products. I tested out the NIVEA Q10plus Anti-Wrinkle Replenishing Pearls serum for a couple of weeks, both day and night, paired with the NIVEA Q10 day and night creams and as expected, didn’t see any of the “anti-wrinkle” effects.

The serum contains hyaluronic acid to help plump out the skin, creatine to help restore the skin, and a high concentration of the energy coenzyme Q10, which is naturally found in the skin but decreases as you get older.

The serum itself feels nice and light on the skin. The “pearls” are yellow spheres that get crushed and mixed into the surrounding moisturizing gel into a slightly grainy yellow paste with every press of the pump. This process ensures that the Q10 coenzyme they contain is freshly activated with every use. The Q10 serum absorbs easily and has a nice, fresh scent to it. It works well under the day and night creams from the same range, and under makeup.

It didn’t make my winter essentials list. It’s a nice enough serum, but definitely not an essential for me. It was nice to use, and I love the scent, but I didn’t see any real difference in my skin’s moisture levels or its appearance.

Nivea Q10 plus moisturizer review


Like the serum, the NIVEA Q10plus day cream with SPF30 and night care contain the energy coenzyme Q10, though in a lesser concentration, as well as creatine

I avoid moisturizers with added SPF like the plague. I hate the scent, the texture and the white film it leaves on the skin, and I usually prefer adding a step to my morning routine to use a separate sunscreen, like the ultra light Anthelios fluid sunscreen by La Roche-Posay. I also tend to gravitate towards gel textures when it comes to daytime moisturizers. That being said, the NIVEA Q10plus day cream with SPF30 fits easily into my skincare routine and I enjoy using it.

The day cream is quite thick and does have a white cast, but it absorbs within seconds without a greasy finish. It does well under makeup and it keeps my skin decently hydrated. It’s not very special, or super hydrating, but it still provides a good amount of moisture on a drugstore budget. Whether or not it really does have anti-aging properties is another story, but I personally didn’t see any difference in the plumpness of my skin.

The NIVEA Q10plus night care is nothing special, but it does work well with the Q10plus serum and day cream, and it absorbs quickly. Again, it’s a decent budget moisturizer, though I can’t speak to its supposed anti-aging properties.

What is Nivea Q10 coenzyme

It made my (budget) winter essentials list. If you’re looking for a high SPF day cream on a drugstore budget and the matching night cream, this duo will do nicely. They’re not revolutionary skincare products or even super moisturizing, but the day cream is the first SPF moisturizer that doesn’t make me want to scream and throw it across the room. And let’s face it – it may be easy to remember to wear sunscreen in the summer when the days are hot and sunny, but in the dead of winter, when you’re getting ready for work in the dark, there’s a good chance you’ll forget your SPF…And I don’t think it needs to be said here, but SPF is absolutely essential in the winter too.

Nivea Q10 day and night moisturizers review


The classic NIVEA Creme is a multi-purpose must-have to get through the harsh Canadian winter. If you’re on a budget, pass on the NIVEA Q10plus Replenishing Pearls serum and go for the NIVEA Q10plus day cream with SPF30 and night care instead. They’re decent drugstore moisturizers, and the day cream is the only moisturizer with SPF I don’t hate with a passion so far.

Winter is coming…what are your winter essentials?

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*PR samples featured.