A Look At My Weekly To-Do List

Bullet Journal To Do List

You might have seen on Twitter that I got myself a brand new bullet journal and that I’m quite excited about it. I love stationery, fresh notebooks and the endless possibilities you get from blank pages, a few MUJI pens and colourful rolls of washi tape. I have great hopes for this new way of life. I already picture myself crushing my to-do list before noon every day and just generally being the extremely organized and efficient person I’ve always wanted to be.

I quickly developed an obsession with peeking into other people’s bullet journals and lives, and it inspired me to show you to-do list for the week. The fun, the exciting, and the soul-crushingly boring.

 Bullet journals are supposed to be ideal for people who juggle different projects, who have five or six to-do lists going at any given time and who forget everything unless it’s written down in their calendar in big, bold letters. If anything, it will help me keep track of where my many to-do lists are, which seems to be the biggest obstacle to my productivity these days. Somewhere on my desk, there are hundreds of unfinished lists waiting to be found and binned because they’re months old and useless.

I’m just getting started on my bullet journal journey, so there’s not much to see at the moment. There’s an empty index, a not so Instagram-worthy yearly calendar, and one weekly to-do list page where I’ve just written down everything I need to do without bothering to organize it in any way. This week is reading week at the university, so I will be doing a lot of bloggy things and (almost) none of that less-than-exciting ‘prepare grammar course for Tuesday’ stuff that you would usually find on my list. I just had a quick look, and there’s a dentist appointment on there. I lied. There will be a ton of less-than-exciting stuff, but I’ll write it all down for you to see anyway. Keeping it real.

I decided to share the list without showing the inside of my journal for now. There’s nothing to see but my illegible handwriting. I’ve been obsessively scrolling through all the bullet journal hashtags I can think of on Instagram…and I have a long way to go before I feel comfortable showing the Internet my non-existent calligraphy and organizational skills. I figured there’d be a couple of nosy people who would be interested anyway. I know I’d be all over this. Insert creepy eyes emoji here.

 This is what my weekly to-do list looks like as of Monday night, but it will no doubt get longer and longer until I have no hope to actually finish it. That’s the nature of a to-do list, I guess. Or I’m just especially unproductive.


1. Transfer blog from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress. That’s been on my list for a long time, but with a whole week off ahead of me, it has to be done now. But erm…I’ll be paying someone to do that one for me. It’s just easier (not to mention safer) that way.

 2. Buy new camera. I’ve wanted to upgrade my Nikon D80 for a long time, but I didn’t want to invest in a bulky DSLR I won’t want to take to events. My heart is set on the Olympus Pen E-PL8…if I can find it. I swear that camera is harder to find in Toronto than a unicorn.

 3. Photography day for new PR samples. I have so many great new products from Lancôme, OGX, Gliss, Pur, Wet’n’Wild and Joe Fresh to try, but I can’t touch them before they’ve been photographed. The curse of beauty blogging.

 4. Finish and publish blog posts (photographed). I have a bunch of half-written posts in my drafts, and I want to get the bulk of them done and published before next Monday.

5. Update media kit. I love my current design (the colour scheme is on point), so it’s just a matter of updating numbers.

6. Finish first project for SEM course. I’m currently taking a SEM course for my Digital Marketing Management certificate at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. This class is way out of my comfort zone, and it’s kicking my butt. What is even a h1 tag and why is Adwords so confusing? (jk, I got this guys)

 7. Send refund forms and receipts to insurance. The forms have been sitting on my desk for five months. If it was actual money, it would be long gone by now. So you could say that my laziness has saved me enough money to buy maybe three venti cappuccinos, a movie ticket and a new sweater. I think that’s how money works, right?

8. Get glasses fixed. I’ve been putting this off for way too long, and I really do need my glasses to see. And I might just pick up a new pair while I’m there too…

9. Book dentist appointment. Wow, my life is exciting.

10. Get books from library. I need so many books to write the first chapter of my dissertation. So many. If I disappear, I’m probably lost in the Robarts Library stacks. Send help.

 11. New designs for Etsy. I noticed over the past few months that you need to keep your stock fresh to increase sales on Etsy, so I try to get new prints up every few weeks. I’ve noticed quite a drop in sales over the past couple of weeks compared to past months, so I need to sit down and brainstorm some ideas.

What’s on your to-do list this week?