Aura by Mugler | Meet the Fragrance That’s Sure to Become Just As Iconic As Angel

Mugler Aura fragrance review

Aura, a New Fragrance by Mugler

On a wet and slushy winter night a few weeks ago, I trekked east of the city for the launch of Aura, a brand new Mugler fragrance*. The room was decked out like a tropical paradise, the drinks were flowing, there were makeup artists on hand to glitterize us, and at the center of it all, there was a chiseled heart-shaped glass bottle radiating an emerald light, as if lit from within — a bottle of Mugler Aura.

Everything that evening was absolutely enchanting, from the lush decor to the scent itself.

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Mugler Aura fragrance review

Listen To Your Instinct

The tagline for this launch is v. catchy and inspirational — listen to your instinct.

It’s the kind of quote that’s found on gallery walls all around the world, and for a good reason. It evokes strength, self-knowledge, confidence, and it makes you want to become the badass queen you know you can be. It inspires you to write down that 2018 list of goals you’ve been putting off since New Year and maybe even start the project that scares you the most.

Like the fragrance itself, it’s gently nudging you out of your comfort zone.

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The Mugler Aura Scent

Aura has a “green” scent, very much like what I imagine a steamy tropical jungle would smell like after a heavy rainfall. The fresh botanical notes are immediately obvious, but there’s also a sweetness just below the surface. With notes of tiger liana (rich and smoky), rhubarb leaf (crisp and sparkling), orange blossom (sweet and fresh), wolfwood (woody and soft), and bourbon vanilla (woody and spicy), Aura is best described as an Oriental Botanical scent.

Scents tend to fit comfortably in just a few categories that we all know and love, and I gravitate towards the same four, depending on the season and my mood the pretty florals, the overly sweet gourmands, the soft citrusy mixes, and the sexy musky ones. Aura is truly unique in my collection, and for that reason, it’s already a firm favourite. It’s less aggressive than Angel, and there’s even a playfulness to it that sets it apart from the rest of the Mugler roster. It’s sweet and sexy without being cloying, and it’s fresh without being citrusy. It’s sure to become just as iconic as Angel. 

Mugler Aura is a scent that makes your aura sparkle. And I love a bit of sparkle, in my aura and everywhere else too.


Prices: $85 for 30ml, $115 for 50ml, $150 for 90ml

*PR samples featured