Live Clean Biotin Extra Body Shampoo & Conditioner — The Secret to Clean & Textured Hair


Live Clean Biotin Extra Body Shampoo Conditioner Review

I was sitting at my desk one night, trying to write something, anything, when I discovered a bald spot the size of a grapefruit at the back of my head. There’s nothing quite like discovering that a quarter of your head is bald, Vin Diesel bald, to make you realize that your days of whatever haircare range is on sale at the drugstore and dry shampoo are well and truly over.

Not Your Typical Drugstore Haircare

I’m still hoping to find a way to make my hair grow back overnight, but so far all I’ve got is time travel or becoming a witch. I’m all for a trip to Hogwarts obviously, but in the meantime the next best thing is taking good care of what remains of my precious locks, and that means being mindful of what’s in my shampoos and conditioners. The Live Clean Biotin Extra Body Shampoo and Conditioner* duo is my favourite ‘clean’ find so far because the formula is vegan, suitable for every hair type, and paraben, silicone, phthalates, and phosphate free. In short, it’s not your typical drugstore haircare range.

In my frantic hair loss-related Google searches, I’ve come across many articles about the benefits of Biotin, or Vitamin B7, a water-soluble vitamin that helps strengthen hair and nails amongst other things. I’ve been taking vitamins, including Biotin, with no real success so far, but I figured incorporating Biotin to my haircare routine couldn’t hurt. The Live Clean Biotin Extra Body range doesn’t claim to make hair grow back, of course, but it’s formulated with Biotin, for healthier, stronger, and thicker hair, and with Ginseng and Lavender, to help with hydration and shine.

Live Clean Biotin Extra Body shampoo conditioner review

Soft & Textured Hair

The Live Clean Biotin Extra Body shampoo and conditioner are a treat in the shower. The Live Clean Biotin Extra Body Shampoo and Conditioner lathers up and rinses out well, and the Live Clean Biotin Extra Body conditioner leaves my hair soft and as untangled as it ever is. The scent is sweet with a hint of floral notes, a subtle and calming scent I can’t get enough of (I’m taking little sniffs from the shampoo bottle as I’m writing this).

Once dry, my hair is swishy and has good volume, and the best part is that it has good grip for styling right out of the shower, the same kind of texture you’d get with dry shampoo, only with clean hair. In fact, it’s better than dry shampoo, because it doesn’t cake your hair with white powder, makes it crunchy, or damages it in any way. Bye, bye, dry shampoo. See you never.

(jk, I still love you dry shampoo)

Live Clean is definitely a new favourite brand of mine, and I can really use the extra dose of Biotin in my life at the moment. If you’re looking for soft hair with a bit of texture, the Live Clean Biotin Extra Body shampoo and conditioner are affordable, widely available, eco-friendly, and proudly Canadian. 

*Press samples featured