July Favourites

You probably have noticed the new name, the new url and the new design by now. I’m really excited to officially introduce you to my new space, but I’m quite the perfectionist and I’m still not completely satisfied with the layout. The obligatory ‘New Name/Layout Post’ is coming right up, I promise! While a bit more tweaking is taking place behind the scenes, I want to put up my monthly favourites for the month of July before it’s too late! 

I’ve been using the Lush Tea Tree Water toner on and off for a couple of years now. It recently made a reappearance in my daily skin care routine. Tea tree can be quite harsh on my sensitive skin, but this toner is gentle and refreshing. It comes in a really handy spray bottle. If I’m feeling fancy, I will use cotton pads to apply the product, but lately I’ve just been spraying it all over my face. The scent is lovely and the mist is really soothing. 

I found a bottle of Seche Vite top coat at Winners a few weeks ago and I practically ran to the register. I’m not going to lie, I love it…but I also hate it. You won’t find a glowing review of Seche Vite on this blog anytime soon, but it is a great top coat if you need a quick fix. I often paint my nails five minutes before I have to go out, smudge them and have to take it all off again. If you’re running out of time and want your manicure to dry fast, Seche Vite is a life saver…but it’s a strictly ‘one night only’ solution for me. I also love how glossy it looks, I get loads of compliments whenever I wear it…even from my boyfriend. If you’re looking for a long-wearing top coat though, I’d definitely look somewhere else.

A long-time favourite of mine, the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 101 has reclaimed its spot at the top of my most-used lipsticks list. The dusty pink shade looks great with just about every makeup/outfit combination and it glides on easily, which is quite impressive for a matte finish. It has to be reapplied more often than I’d like and the strong floral scent is slightly off-putting, but it’s so easy to wear that I’m willing to overlook that!

Finally, I bought a few rings from Pandora recently, and I’ve been wearing Eternal Clouds and Forever Love constantly. I’m not really a jewellery person, so I appreciate their subtle designs and lack of flashy cubic zirconia. You can stack them up if you’re feeling blingy, but I  personally prefer the simplicity of a single, thin ring. 

What have you been using this month? 

If you have any thoughts on the new design, comments or ideas for improvements, I’d love to hear them!