JORD Frankie 35 in Zebrawood & Champagne Watch – There’s Always Time for Style

JORD Frankie 35 in Zebrawood & Champagne Watch – There’s Always Time for Style

JORD Frankie 35 Zebrawood Watch Review

There’s a new JORD wooden watch in my life (& a giveaway!)

The JORD Frankie 35 in Zebrawood & Champagne is the latest addition to my accessories collection, a collection that is sure to become as famed as the one hidden away in Vogue’s offices. Or maybe not, because I only ever wear one accessory: a wooden watch.

If you’ve seen me IRL or read one of my style posts in the past couple of years, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with my JORD Fieldcrest in Maple wood watch. I swear the Fieldcrest is made of indestructible wood. I’ve worn it daily since the day I got it, and there’s not a single scratch on it.

It’s worth mentioning because I’m the kind of girl who somehow gets an ink stain on a brand new Kate Spade wallet, even though there’s not a pen in sight. I can’t have nice things. Ever. I break nice things, or I stain them. White silk shirts? My closet is full of them, and they’re all stained with coffee and ink.

It’s a shame, because I bet a crisp white silk shirt would look amazing with my new Zebrawood & Champagne baby.

JORD Frankie 35 Zebrawood watch review

How to wear the JORD Frankie 35 in Zebrawood & Champagne watch

What I love most about the JORD Frankie 35 watch in Zebrawood & Champagne is that it’s a little bit daintier than the Fieldcrest, but it makes much more of a statement. The champagne face looks golden in the light, and the zebrawood is a beautiful mix of different wooden tones that pairs well with anything. The Frankie 35 in Zebrawood & Champagne elevates any outfit in an instant. I love that the band is thinner than on the Fieldcrest because it’s easy to wear in a more formal way, like at work or with a really nice dress.

Wearing a JORD watch is such an effortless way to make a statement. It’s perfect for people who just can’t be bothered to make an effort in the morning.

JORD Zebrawood Champagne Wood Watch Review Frankie 35

Fashion friends for life

Not only is it absolutely beautiful and, y’know, helps me get places somewhat on time, but my JORD watch also saved me in many awkward social situation where the subject of the weather had already been explored at length. It’s a conversation piece, the kind of fashion accessory that’s wearable and work-appropriate, but still unusual enough to catch people’s eye. I can’t even count the number of time friends and even strangers asked if they could try my JORD Frankie 35 on. Bonding over fashion? Friends for life.

JORD Frankie 35 Zebrawood Champagne Watch Review

JORD Frankie 35 Zebrawood Champagne watch review

It’s all about the details

JORD timepieces are light, easy to style, durable, and unique. I’ve seen a ton of wood watches around, but JORD watches are by far the most fashionable options. As always, it’s the little details that make a huge difference – the engraving on the side, the smooth matte black clasp, and the box that is specifically designed to protect your watch from humidity. I also really appreciated that my JORD Frankie 35 watch came with oil and a cloth to help protect it, which wasn’t the case with the Fieldcrest two years ago.

JORD Watch Frankie 35 Zebrawood Review

JORD wood watch review

Affordable and stylish watches for everyone!

JORD has a collection of stunning watches for everyone. Though they are most definitely unisex, the watches found under the men’s series are a little bulkier, with a lot of options for people who prefer a square face and many watches that feature an exposed mechanism. The  women’s series features some daintier options, which is great because a style like the original Frankie series would look huge on my normal-sized wrist. It’s worth repeating the the watches are unisex, so men with smaller wrists should definitely venture over the the women’s store.

JORD wood watch zebra wood review

A JORD coupon code & giveaway

I’m so excited to team up with JORD for a giveaway. The best part? Everyone who enters gets a little treat! The contest runs until July 30th, 2017. The winner will get a $100 JORD discount code to treat themselves to their favourite wood watch, and everyone who enters will get a $25 JORD coupon code. Click here for a chance to win!

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