Jealous Coconut + Coffee Body Scrub Review

Jealous coconut and coffee body scrub review

Coffee is my one true love. It’s my best friend. It gives me life. It wakes me up when I’m sleepy, it cheers me up when I’m sad, it warms my hands when they’re cold. You know what I always say? I would bathe in coffee if I could. Well, my wildest dream (almost) came true. Coffee lovers, meet the Jealous Coconut + Coffee scrub*, the only body scrub you will ever need. 

Jealous coconut and coffee body scrub review

This scrub is all natural and full of Robusta coffee grounds goodness, with cold-pressed raw coconut oil, brown sugar, sea salt, vitamin E and minerals. You just jump in the shower, scrub it all over and leave for about ten minutes. It claims to moisturize and improve the overall appearance of your skin, from cellulite and stretch marks to varicose veins, eczema and acne. It sounds magical, doesn’t it? And it is! It leaves my skin feeling so soft that I can’t stop touching it. If you love the smell of coffee like I do, you’ll be pleased to know that the scent is quite strong and lingers for a while, so you can fall asleep sniffing your arm and dreaming of your morning cup of coffee. I haven’t seen any improvement in the texture of my skin over time, but I have used it on both my (very sensitive) face and body several times without any breakouts or allergic reaction. It gives a really good scrub, but it’s also immediately moisturizing, so it’s a really pleasant experience. Of course I’d say that though, because seriously…that coffee smell! The bag contains 200g of products so you can treat yourself to several coffee showers – because bathing in coffee is just not practical. Beware – it is quite messy and, as I found out, not ideal for communal showers. 

Jealous is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, and I’m always excited to find a Canadian product that is truly great – and this is one of them. It will forever be my favourite scrub. I have to say however that I’m not a massive fan of how their social media accounts are run, particularly on Instagram. Yes, beautiful half-naked women frolicking on the beach sell more products than average-looking people doing whatever average-looking people do. But scrolling through their Instagram feed, I find all this over-the-top beauty and skinniness almost boring, too obvious, too repetitive and to be quite honest, almost offensive. I suppose it’s meant to make us “jealous”, as the name of the brand suggests. But it doesn’t give me a case of Instagram envy. In fact, I find it condescending, like I’m being told that I should want to be like them and that if I buy a body scrub I might just become skinny and beautiful too. The whole tone of their social media campaign is also a bit off – it’s meant to be “cheeky” and possibly cute, but it often borders on vulgar, makes me slightly uncomfortable, and again, I’m tired of marketing that works on the assumption that people want to buy something because the language that is used to sell it is “sexy”. Rant over, but I’m happy to discuss these issues in the comments.


Coffee is the love of my life, so it’s no surprise that I love this. The Jealous Coconut + Coffee Body Scrub is a truly fantastic product, and a must-have if you’re a coffee lover like me. IT SMELLS SO DELICIOUS! IT’S SO MOISTURIZING! However, I had to go on a fairly lengthy rant about their social media campaign because it makes me uncomfortable. 

Let’s chat about coffee, because it’s my favourite thing! Also, have you tried the body scrub? What do you think of the Jealous marketing strategy?

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