In My Flat: A New Candle

Bath & Body Works French Baguette 3-wick Candle – 14.5 oz.

Yes, I’m jealous of anyone who owns a Diptyque candle, but I also think that it’s not very wise (for a student anyway) to blow $60 on a single, tiny (1.6 oz to be exact) candle. I recently finished my lovely Bath & Body Works ‘Fireside’ candle (sob!), so I was looking for something to replace it. I went back to Bath & Body Works and I picked up this massive, 3-wick French baguette scented candle on sale for $10, reduced from its original price of $20. It’s a really, really good price, considering that it burns for up to 45 hours!


I love it. It smells just like a warm, freshly baked baguette.

It smells like Paris should smell. It’s so, so nice. There’s really nothing else to say about this candle. It smells like bread.


It lives on my bedside table at the moment, and I usually light it when I read in bed during the day. It’s not a night time type of candle, because the smell is pretty strong and will make you hungry. On the first day I bought it, we had brie and baguettes for dinner. It definitely wasn’t a coincidence. I later showed the candle I had just acquired to the Boyfriend, and he said I was ‘predictable’. Mais non, mais non, Monsieur. The smell of this candle is just too delicious, I couldn’t resist running to the supermarket to get myself a (not so fresh) baguette!


Candles that smell like food…what do you think?