The Perfect Pink Coat For Spring

Topshop Pink Coat

I’ve had my eye on a pink coat all winter, and I have to say I was getting worried that the trend would pass before I had time to get my hands on one of these beauties. Everyone is wearing a pink coat these days so it’s hardly a bold fashion choice, but as a lover of all things pink I feel like my wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without one.

This little gem of a pink coat is from Topshop. I bought it with warmer days in mind, so the material is quite thin. Definitely too thin for winter. Quite a bit thinner than I would expect for the price. You can’t tell from the pictures, but it was so cold on the day we shot these that I couldn’t feel my arms and legs and Nick’s hands were frozen in the shape of my camera. We thawed while watching the Mindy Project and it was all fine, no frostbites or anything.

By the way, Nick is totally obsessed with the Mindy Project, and I consider this one of my biggest achievements so far.

Pink Jacket trendPink Jacket Topshop

How I Style A Bold Pink Coat

Despite the shocking shade of pink, it’s an easy coat to style. You could definitely dress this coat up, but I’m more of a sweatpants and band t-shirt kind of girl so I paired it with my Sunday afternoon uniform: my favourite H&M high-waisted skinny jeans, an oversized white sweater, and lace-textured white Converse from a few summers ago. Looking back at the pictures, matching my nails and my pompom to the coat was mayyyyybe a mistake. Much adult. Very fashion. 

The mix of textures from the sweater and the sneakers gives an otherwise boring outfit just a bit of dimension, but it lets the pink coat do all the work. I also added a blanket scarf in grey tones to 1) keep myself warm because it was bloody freezing, 2) avoid looking too washed out because that shade of pink is not especially forgiving for us ghost girls.

The Fit

I love the length and the mannish cut of this coat. If it was nipped in at the waist, the cut would be much more flattering but it would be a touch too girly for me. It’s meant to be oversized, but it still runs quite large. Even though I sized down, I probably could have done with getting an even smaller size. The good thing about having such a large coat is that it hides my body shape when I’m not feeling 100% about how I look, but the colour is bold so I still look sassy, stylish, and quite frankly like a total boss.

How to wear a pink coatHow to style a pink coat

The Details

I kept things simple with jewelry I wear everyday. I admit that I’m a lazy jewelry person. I rarely change it to match my outfit. The Forever Love Pandora ring was a gift to myself when I was working as a Sales Assistant there, and the marble necklace is from H&M and it was very affordable. The gorgeous Rose Gold & Zebrawood Original Grain watch deserves its very own post, so hopefully I’ll get to it eventually. The watch’s beautiful details didn’t really show up in these photos unfortunately.

The bucket bag with gold hardware is a sales find from Forever 21. The shape is beautiful and everything I need fits in it. Including snacks when I go to the movie theatre. You know, the important things.

Bucket Bag Cheaplace converse white

I’m wearing:

Coat – Topshop
Bag – Forever 21
Watch – Original Grain*
Ring: Pandora
Shoes – Converse (similar here)
Sweater, Jeans, Scarf, Pompom, Necklace – H&M (old)

(Hi, my name is Andy and I have an H&M shopping addiction…)

Pink Coat Topshop

I have a huge order of spring clothing coming my way, so there may be more of these style posts coming up!