Gin-Gins by The Ginger People

I thought I’d post about something a bit different today, to celebrate my return to a semi-regular blogging schedule. I had a lovely holiday in England and Wales, followed by a week of packing up all my belongings to move to a bigger and much better flat. The move itself wasn’t that great (everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong, and oh…Ikea furniture can’t handle being moved. At all.), but I love my new flat and it was definitely worth it. I can’t wait to show you guys what I bought during my holiday (ALL of it! And there’s a lot…), my new flat, and tell you all about the makeup I’ve been loving in the past few weeks…but unfortunately, everything is still in boxes and I can’t even find my camera charger. Hopefully I will manage to sort out the flat in the next week or so, but in the meantime I thought I’d share with you how I got through a couple of unpleasant transatlantic flights, a long, long drive to Pembrokeshire and a stressful move without throwing up.


I get nauseated very, very easily. I often feel sick after meals and before bed, but it can happen at any time. One of the symptoms of anxiety for me is nausea, and any tiny amount of stress will make me feel extremely nauseated. It goes without saying that traveling is a bit of a nightmare for me (even if I always end up enjoying it!). Flying from Toronto to London always makes me nervous as it’s quite a long flight, and landing is often delayed on top of that because Gatwick and Heathrow are always so busy. I don’t get air sick, but I’m always worried that I might get air sick, which makes me feel sick because I worry about being sick. And plane food is disgusting, and makes me feel sick. Just the smell of it, uggggh! I also had to move, and moving is stressful because nothing ever goes right. I knew I had a lot of stressful situations coming my way before I left for the UK, so I bought a few packs of Gin-Gins by The Ginger People at my local health food store on a co-worker’s recommendation (they’re about $3 a pack), and I’m glad I did – they are the most delicious/soothing candies ever!


Ginger is really good for settling the stomach after a meal and is generally great to help with nausea. I love making fresh ginger tea at home, but it’s not always practical when you’re on the go (or when everything you own is in boxes). I also use ginger root Gravols a lot, but I wanted to have a natural alternative for when I just feel a bit ‘bleh’. These work wonder, and I find that chewy Gin-Gins are especially great to have on hand for those meals where you eat until you burst and then feel sick and horrible. I don’t know the science behind it, but ginger really helps!


Gin-Gins taste amazing. They’re spicy and delicious, and come in chewy and hard candy versions. Having tried both, I can assure you that they’re both tasty, but I do prefer the chewy Gin-Gins as I find the taste of ginger is stronger and they seem to soothe my stomach quicker. They’re individually wrapped, so perfect for throwing in your bag in case of emergency.


I’ve had Gin-Gins on hand everywhere I went during my holiday, and they really helped settle my nervous stomach (especially during the long car rides through England and Wales) so I’d really recommend giving these a go if you’re a ginger lover or if you’ve got a nervous, sensitive stomach like mine!




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