Drybar Happy Hour Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Drybar Happy Hour shampoo and conditioner review

Washing my hair has become an
ordeal of the most grievous kind,
as Winston Churchill would no doubt say
if 1) he was still alive 2) he had not in fact been bald when he was alive.
There’s definitely a downside to having long, flowing, mermaid-like hair –
washing and drying my hair takes hours. Hours. Needless to say, dry
shampoo and messy buns are now my best beauty friends. Washing my hair makes me
all sorts of grumpy. But if there’s one thing that can get me out of a
hair washing-induced bad mood, it’s pretty packaging. Pretty bottles in my
shower make my heart sing. The Drybar Happy Hour Blowout shampoo* and
the Drybar Happy Hour Weightless conditioner* win all the points
presentation-wise. I love the colour scheme, I love the typography. The bottles
are clean and minimalistic, smooth and curvy, and the caps kind of look like
they’re made of luxurious brushed metal. 

When it comes to how the products perform, I had no expectations. Maybe it’s a sign that I need to step up my beauty game, but until these “landed on my doorstep” (#bloggercliche), I had never heard of Drybar. So what is Drybar? Well, I took to Google and learned that Drybar is a very popular chain of blow out bars with locations across America and one in Vancouver. They have their own line of hair products and styling tools, which are now sold at Sephora. Living the Drybar dream at home will cost you though, as all their products are over $30. Not my usual scene, but hey! I can be fancy too. 

The Happy Hour Blowout shampoo is not your regular, everyday shampoo. It’s one of those clearing shampoos you use once a week to eliminate product buildup, and it’s also sulfate-free. I’m not at all concerned about sulfates in my hair products and I’m actually all about that foam because it makes me feel cleaner, but I found myself really enjoying the results. While the lack of foam is slightly disturbing at first because it doesn’t make your hair feel clean as you’re washing it, the bouncy, easy to manage hair more than makes up for the slight discomfort and the extra rinse time. The Happy Hour Weightless conditioner is however not the one. At all. My hair is long and tangly, and I need a ‘slippery’ conditioner to help untangled the knots when I shower. I stick with it because it works well with the shampoo and I don’t want to lose the hard-earned volume by weighting my hair down with my usual drugstore conditioner, but I really don’t see the point of a conditioner that doesn’t nourish your hair. 

As much as I love how my hair looks when I use the Happy Hour shampoo and conditioner, I don’t like how it feels. My scalp is dry and my hair feels stripped from all it’s moisture. I guess it’s the price to pay for eliminating buildup? You will definitely want to give the Happy Hour range a miss if your hair is dry to begin with. I also noticed that my hair loses it’s usual shine when I use these products, but it’s a trade I’m willing to make because my hair is so light and voluminous that I’m actually quite fascinated by my own reflection when my hair is freshly washed. So much bounce! As for the smell, it’s pretty unremarkable, especially for the price. It smells exactly like the cheap hotel room stuff no one uses, ever. Oh well. 


I love how my hair looks, not how it feels. My hair is dry, dry, dry. It smells like the cheapest hotel room shampoo in the world. But my hair is so bouncy and so easy to manage that I can’t quite say I wouldn’t recommend the Happy Hour range.  

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