A Cup of Christmas Cheer | David’s Tea Christmas 2016 Collection

David's Tea Christmas 2016 Candy Cane Crush review

I was running boring mid-week errands along Bloor street yesterday afternoon, when the cold and grey weather finally got the best of me. I stepped into David’s Tea for a second to grab a cup of tea and warm up for a bit…and ended up catching the Christmas Spirit and treating myself to a beautiful gold measuring spoon and a tin of festive Candy Cane Crush tea.

Candy Cane Crush review David's Tea

The Christmas music and the beautiful holiday sets put me in a festive mood and I walked back home quietly humming Jingle Bells. Now that I’ve had a chance to try my new tea, I’m even more excited for the festive season.

The David’s Tea Gold Perfect Spoon is a luxurious take on the classic David’s Tea measuring spoon, which picks up just the right amount of tea to brew a cup. It makes teatime easy, and the beautiful gold coating makes every cup feel special. I’ve been meaning to pick up the classic spoon for the longest time, so I don’t feel too bad splurging on this one, especially because I will use it every day for years to come.

David's Tea Christmas 2016 collection gold perfect spoon

The David’s Tea Candy Cane Crush is a loose leaf black tea with bits of candy cane, white chocolate chips, and snowflakes sprinkles that comes in a festive prepackaged tin. Yes, I bought myself a gift tin – I was in a very festive mood.

This seasonal tea is what the holidays are all about for me. It’s plaid blankets by the fire and a good book, it’s playing board games inside when it snows. It’s gorgeous.

Candy Cane Crush is  rich, creamy tea with a strong minty flavor, balanced with a good amount of sweetness. The peppermint flavour is strong and by no means subtle, but it’s smooth. It tastes like a delicious peppermint hot chocolate in tea form. The tea looks quite milky once brewed, probably due to the crushed candy cane and the white chocolate, but it only makes it more like peppermint hot chocolate. It’s a nice warming treat, without hundreds of calories.

David's Tea Christmas 2016 Candy Cane Crush

I think this will now replace Santa’s Secret as my favourite David’s Tea seasonal brew, and I’m already thinking of stocking up for the year ahead.

Is anyone else feeling Christmassy? *hums Jingle Bells*