The Perfect Pair: Buying Glasses Online & A Review of the Kam Dhillon Erin Frames

clearly glasses review

I remember sitting at the back of the class as a teenager, unable to see what was written on the chalkboard but too horrified by the glasses my mom had picked for me to even consider wearing them in public. Fast forward fourteen years, and I have a Pinterest board dedicated to beautiful frames and a bit of an obsession with finding the perfect pair of glasses. How things change!

I now consider a bold frame to be as essential to my wardrobe as striped tops, pleather skirts and Chelsea boots. 

Thick wayfarer-style glasses are my signature look, but I’ve been coveting something a little more delicate and feminine for a while.


Enter online glasses store Clearly, where I found the statement frames granny-chic dreams are made of. The Kam Dhillon Erin Blush eyeglasses* are rectangular and quite large, with an unusually thin acetate frame that comes in the dreamiest shade of pastel pink. Surprisingly, the soft blush pink goes with everything.

The glasses themselves are light and comfortable to wear, and they fit perfectly around my nose and my ears. I’m still getting used to my new prescription, so I’m not 100% comfortable with it yet, but I can’t wait to wear my pretty new Kam Dhillon frames every day.

kam dhillon erin glasses in blush

kam dhillon glasses erin frames

buying glasses online in canada


I shop online for almost everything, so it makes sense that I would buy glasses online. Not only is it cheaper, but the selection is incredible. Clearly has a huge selection of contact lenses, sunglasses (prescription or not) and fashionable eyeglasses.

I’m not going to lie, buying glasses online can be quite an adventure. The Clearly staff, both online and in-store, were incredible and so patient. I started off with the wrong prescription, but once that was taken care of, everything went smoothly.

The shipping was fast and the glasses arrived in perfect condition, housed in a hard case with a complimentary tiny screwdriver for tiny glasses screws.

how to get your PD in Canada

glasses online with clearly


First, you need your pupillary distance, the measurement that will ensure your prescription is in the right spot for your eyes. If you happen to live in Ontario (and I suspect many other Canadian provinces where opticians are not required by law to give it to you), getting your PD from your optician is almost impossible – you will have to pry it from their cold, dead hands.

Thankfully, Clearly has a brick and mortar store on Queen Street West in Toronto, where your PD is not guarded like a state secret. When you order a pair of glasses through the Clearly store, your PD is stored in your purchase history on the website, and you can simply access it at home.

I knew my eyesight was getting worse, so I booked an eye exam with their in-house optician to get my new prescription and my PD. I ordered the frames I wanted in-store, and I now have access to all the information I need for future online orders.

Fear not! If you don’t live near a Clearly store, you can measure your PD yourself. Err, best of luck with that!

clearly glasses erin frame review

kam dhillon erin glasses review

kam dhillon erin blush review clearly

Now that I have the right prescription and my PD measurement, buying glasses online will be a breeze. Watch out, bank account!

What’s your signature style when it comes to eyewear?