Best of eBay: Taylor Swift Edition

Cat Ears headband – similar here

I’m about to say something that would give my sixteen-year-old self a heart attack: I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT. To hell with the scene points, Taylor Swift makes me happy. You can either listen to From First To Last and mope around or listen to pop music and have a great time.  I usually opt for the latter, these days. Life is way too short not to enjoy light, fluffy music once in a while. I wish I could tell that to my teenage self. Not only does Taylor Swift write fun, catchy songs, but she’s also gorgeous and always well-dressed. I love the mix of cute and retro she usually goes for, and the “22” video really encapsulates her style for me. 

I didn’t really set out to replicate the look from the “22” video, it just sort of…happened. My late night eBay shopping addiction clearly has a mind of its own. I had my heart set on the “Not A Lot Going On at the Moment” shirt, but I don’t have over $700 to spend on a t-shirt and the eBay version was rubbish, so I went the accessories route instead. Much cheaper. Under two dollars per item cheap. I looked through endless eBay pages and finally added a cat ears headband and heart-shaped sunglasses to my cart. I thought I’d share my purchases with you, just in case you also like to dance around the house in full T-Swizzle get-up! If you do, let’s be friends!

Cat ears headbands were everywhere last year, but let’s be honest, only a select few can pull them off in public. I have to say, I am not a cat person. At all. But I sort of like how cute this headband is. It will never be worn outside the house, because it’s definitely a cuteness overload IRL, but you never know when you’re going to need a cat ears headband. What if I get invited to a cool party and feel like wearing my cool Taylor Swift headband? Better safe than sorry. 

Heart-shaped Sunglasses – similar here

Heart-shaped sunglasses, the kind of thing every girl needs! Please excuse the extremely awkward photo, but these sunglasses make my chubby face look even chubbier. This was by far the best photo out of about fifty. A bit not good. This is a harsh reminder that I do not possess Taylor Swift’s perfect bone structure. Chipmunks beware – these sunglasses will do nothing for you. Still, they look pretty cool in my accessories tray and for  under two dollars, you can’t really go wrong!

So, let’s hear it…Who likes to dance to Taylor Swift when they’re home alone?