Behind the Scenes: My Workspace

Because I’m so easily distracted, it’s essential for me to have a workspace that’s both peaceful and inspiring. I commandeered our cute little storage room and turned it into an office. It’s perfect and cosy, if slightly stuffy. I’m moving at the end of the month and I’ll be really sad to pack up this room, but also pretty excited to decorate my new workspace! I just want to mention that my desk is obviously not always this clean – you should see it at the end of the night! – but I always tidy things up in the morning before I start working. I find working from home quite challenging because of all my stuff, but it’s much more convenient than going to the library.

The desk, chair and furry throw are from Ikea. It’s not pictured here, but the desk includes an Alex storage unit that currently holds all of my makeup and skincare. The Tobias chair is absolutely gorgeous, but I would advise you to pick something else if you want to actually sit on it. I spend hours and hours at my desk, and the chair is really not designed for comfort. I bought a Tejn rug to throw over it, but it didn’t really solve the problem, I still slide right down to the floor and I still get a sore butt. It looks nice, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re anything like me and procrastinate at your desk until you have to do three all-nighters in a week. Sore butts are not conductive to work!

I like to keep a few bits and pieces on my desk to keep me going when I need a little inspiration boost. I like to have a stack of books that reflect my current obsessions – it gives me something to leaf through when I’m taking a five minutes break to reward myself for having written three lines…as you can see I have a thing for The Libertines and Alexa Chung at the moment. I added a couple of framed prints and posters of things that hold a special place in my heart. I have a print of Oscar Wilde to keep me company…which also references one of my favourite Smiths song. I’ve had it for two years, and I still find it as hilarious as the day I added it to my Etsy cart. I also (not so) secretly hope that some of Oscar’s genius will rub off on me. I have a teabag print, also from Etsy, and a framed print of my favourite photo of The Clash. On my wall, I put up two vintage-looking posters of London – an old Underground map and a map of the city. And my most precious possession – a square poster of Dirty Pretty Things’ Waterloo to Anywhere album cover, that I picked up when I went to see them in NYC in 2006. It is, to this day, the best gig I’ve ever been to, and also a souvenir of the first trip I’ve ever taken on my own. 

Behind the desk, I have a couple of built-in shelves where I keep some lipsticks, my beloved blue typewriter, a Jon Snow toy (Jon Snow <3) and some more books. The green stuffed animal is Nessie – I bought it when I went to the Loch Ness, and it’s too adorable to pack away just yet!

What does your workspace look like? How do you manage working from home?