Having Breakfast in #Bedface

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Long weekends are best spend in bed, if you ask me. With a gripping book (or y’know, Elle Magazine…gotta write those Christmas wishlists!), a cup of strong coffee, and the softest, dreamiest sheets I’ve ever had the pleasure of napping in, courtesy of Canadian startup Bedface.

I especially love the Thanksgiving long weekend. The air is crisp, the sky is grey, and that’s all the excuses I need for snuggling up in bed all day. It’s a nice change from the frantic running around of a usual Monday. There’s all the time in the world to relax under the cozy duvet and enjoy a quiet moment with a good breakfast.

I did have to get out of bed to steam the sheets, though. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for a beautiful blog photo. #bloggerproblems

review of bedface sheets

Breakfast in #Bedface

When Bedface challenged me to create a delicious breakfast in bed recipe for this post, I was a liiiiittle bit worried. Saying that I’m not a morning person is putting it mildly. Nick spends a good portion of his morning each day trying to lure me out of my duvet nest, and he often has to literally drag me out of bed as I attempt to kick him. If it wasn’t for my very persistent human alarm, I would never manage to do anything at all in the morning.

So yeah, I’m always a bit grumpy in the morning, and cooking is the last thing I want to think about. I’d rather have coffee, and lots of it.

When I do crawl out of bed and can muster enough energy to feed myself, I tend to opt for something that’s quick to throw together but fairly healthy, doesn’t require me to turn on the oven, and leaves me with minimal cleaning.

I took my inspiration for this recipe from my beloved Bedface Sunny Side Up sleep set *. I don’t consider eggs to be a real breakfast food (unless they’re in pancake form), so I decided to create a delicious, nutritious smoothie with the sunniest fruit I could think of : the yummy mango.

One more thing. I like a lot of spinach in my smoothies, but if spinach is not your thing, don’t worry – the mango covers up the taste completely. It’s sneaky-healthy…the best kind of healthy there is (if you don’t count the sugar…but it’s naturally sweetened anyway)! You can even add grated carrots to get an even bigger head start on your daily vegetable intake. You really won’t taste it, I promise.

My new sheets are so nice, it’s a miracle I get out of bed at all these days. The Bedface Sunny Side Up sleep set* comes with an off-white duvet cover and pillow cases and a coral fitted sheet made of thick and loosely weaved breathable, durable, and soft cotton. They really are ‘the best damn sheets on the internet’. And they’re delivered right to your door.

easy green mango smoothie recipe

The Sunny Side Up Mango Green Smoothie


  •        1 ½ cup frozen mango pieces
  •        1 cup fresh spinach
  •        1 peeled banana
  •         ¼ cup plain greek yogurt
  •        2 tbsp rolled oats
  •        add cold water to taste (for consistency)


Throw all the ingredients in a blender, and blend until smooth. Yes, it’s pretty fool-proof. I used a Magic Bullet (a.k.a. the best purchase I’ve ever made).


I like thick and filling smoothies, so I always add both greek yogurt and rolled oats to my recipes. I always have them on hand as they help keep me full through long mornings of teaching and meetings. For a lighter texture, you could skip one or both, or even just add more water to your blender.

breakfast in bed with bedface sheetscanada bedface sheets blog review

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone!

What’s your go-to breakfast recipe for a breakfast in bed?