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The Perfect Pair: Buying Glasses Online & A Review of the Kam Dhillon Erin Frames

clearly glasses review

I remember sitting at the back of the class as a teenager, unable to see what was written on the chalkboard but too horrified by the glasses my mom had picked for me to even consider wearing them in public. Fast forward fourteen years, and I have a Pinterest board dedicated to beautiful frames and a bit of an obsession with finding the perfect pair of glasses. How things change!

I now consider a bold frame to be as essential to my wardrobe as striped tops, pleather skirts and Chelsea boots. 


Tips for (Barely) Surviving Stressful Times In Grad School

dealing with phd stress and stress in grad school

It's that time of year again — the work is piling up, scholarship applications are due, and there are all sorts of deadlines just around the corner. As I write this, there's a precarious tower of books on my desk that threatens to crush my spirit, and possibly a couple of bones too, should I happen to knock it over. I should be writing my thesis, but I don't even know where to start. I have to make up a couple of conference abstracts. And I feel a little bit sick just thinking of all the marking that somehow needs to get done this weekend.

It's all a bit stressful tbh. 


Having Breakfast in #Bedface

bedface sheets review

Long weekends are best spend in bed, if you ask me. With a gripping book (or y’know, Elle Magazine…gotta write those Christmas wishlists!), a cup of strong coffee, and the softest, dreamiest sheets I’ve ever had the pleasure of napping in, courtesy of Canadian startup Bedface.


AmorePacific Moisture Bound Collection Review

amore pacific moisture bound review

It's Friday night and I've decided to stay in to indulge in an elaborate pamper sesh. There's a good movie playing in the background (Frozen, for the hundredth time) and a delicious cup of tea precariously balanced on my bed (Blueberry Muffin from David's Tea). I'm in heaven. 

Seriously, with so many face masks to try and nail polishes colours to pick from, who has time for bars and clubs? Staying in is definitely one of life's little (free) luxuries. Speaking of luxury, the AmorePacific Moisture Bound range is giving me heart eyes with its stunning packaging and botanical ingredients. I received the Rejuvenating Eye Treatment Gel* and the Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System* a few months ago...and SPOILER ALERT: it's true love. 


Zoella Beauty Has Arrived! Review

zoella beauty review where to find zoella beauty in canada

The appeal of British Youtuber Zoe Sugg (a.k.a. Zoella) is impossible to deny - she's quirky, engaging and she lives the kind of picture-perfect life that is rarely seen outside of a Disney movie. Though I'm a little older (okay...a lot older) than her target audience, I watch her vlogs religiously to get my weekly dose of Nala, her adorable pug puppy. 

Not only is Zoe a Youtube sensation (her main channel has over 11 million subscribers), but she's also currently working on the third book in her Girl Online series AND has an ever-expanding line of beauty and lifestyle products to top it off. Good news if you've been looking to add something sweet to your pamper seshs...Zoella Beauty is finally coming to Canada